I think Lilith may give in something here as well. . Does the Nessus conjunct Moon aspect interpretation apply for the square too? Both their natal Sado and Sun/Nessus exact conjunction, oppose my natal moon, in a sandwiching effect. Am I being silly Im just so in love with him. Also, my Mars squares his North Node, too. The Mars conjunct North Node synastry aspect indicates that there is a strong sense of magnetism in the relationship. I have Mars conjunct my NN (wide but I can relate) and Pluto widerrr (8) but it doesn't make it easier cause they're near my DSC so I project them :facepalm: AND they're out of sign! My cousin Sun is on my SN, her Moon is square Node. Juno conj the NNthe person will bring you all the best traits of a loyal wife, Vesta conj the NNthe person will bring you devotion, Pallas conj the NNthe person will bring you wisdom, Uranus conj the NNthe relationship will have a lot of ups and downs in strange ways. Nessus I feel was the abuse of my mother and my father was my rock. Every synastry and energy between two people is unique to them. No, but I have seen enough other asteroids play out to speculate. Going by both Vedic and Tibetan astrology, Ketu is the point of detachment, known for "draining" energy and transcending matter, leading to . I was wondering if you could help me out with this question because when I google I get different answers. Bringing Lilith is a wonderful oppurtunity to a mans world especially if the man this guy has slept with lots of girls can get any girl he is super attractive he's a musician. Just adore him and he devastated me. Or maybe I'm just biased. Then, it would not matter much. Required fields are marked *. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. It's a challenge because I feel the definite rightness of that Piscean energy in myself; I KNOW I'm doing the right thing when I go towards the NN energy of transcendence, mutability, etc yet he feels it is something dark, to be fought against. If a person has a planet or asteroid on your NN, they will bring the flavor of that planet or asteroid TO the relationship. Just found out I have Nessus Conjunct the Moon with a guy I like but the ord is 4. Not sure about this. Most important to me is that you find Jesus. Nessus/chiron is horrible. I would not call her a friend,but I did try to be nice to her at first. The Mercury brings the mind/intellect/communication to the NN person. They must learn to let go in the end if the relationship is over and wish happiness and love to them (yea I know its hard trust me but you will feel better and freed in the future). At one point I cut the contact with those people and I didn't look back on it. what does it mean when you have a North Node conjunct Descendant in Composite Chart? It looks like all my planets make aspect to his, aspecting heavily his nodes! I have seen people torch the cars of their once Nessus love. Nessus conj the NNthe person will bring you abuse, Pholus conj he NNthe person will bring all sorts of explosive outbursts. my liltih 1011 taurus what does it mean will he betray me ? Love, Ultimate Bulletin Board 5.46a, Powered by Infopop www.infopop.com 2000 The charts WILL play out. Venus conjunct my SN - They seem to fall for me -even a gay guy with this placement! As well, their Uranus is conjunct my SN (partile). I finally had enough, fought her back, yelled, and kicked door slammed her. It's a complex connection and I don't have a firm grasp on how to interpret it. YES, they would matter, Viv.Be careful of betrayal by men particuarly cuz you are very sexy and attractive to men and they could think of you as just a sexual object. Lol! I don't actually like him and I'm mostly avoiding him. I don't need anything from you, except to serve you. Uranus shakes up the NN person so you could have both. Please come and join the Forum. I have a one question chart for 89.99. Thanks, Your email address will not be published. This can happen if you are born close in time to each other. I've had it twice. I respectfully disagree with this. How would his vertex influence NNode? You do not want a Nessus theme. Saturn brings someone who wants to parent the NN person. Excellent. but they keep coming back together throughout their lifetimes. This feels so icky that I dont think a relationship would progress very far. but I only read about conjunctions not oppositions. I dont believe in past lives so this is it for me! How this may play out. I should have this tattooed on my chest, along with What are the orbs?. Thank you for your sweet words. Go to the front of the website and you will see Amis Soul to Soul Astrology Forum. Medusa conj the SN would have been abuse at the hands of a woman in his life such that he was comfortable with that pattern. my asc square his sun/moon and his venus/mars midpoints Forgot to say an exact NN conjunction degree with my partners NN. The North Node is the theme of ones life. You both feel admiration for each other. If I see a chart with a hard planet or asteroid conjunct someones NN, I tell them to be very careful of marrying the person. Good day! Any intimate relationship is a sharing of hearts. My sun conjucnts his northnode, while his venus oppose my northnode. I have an article on the North Node in Synastry. I didnt intend to hurt him l. I just wantes to protect myself from some potential karmic situation i was warned about. Could you tell me what this means, me and this special person have a double-whammy: Venus square Retrograde North Nodes? He was extremely violent and abusive. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I hope you come back and post your chart or any questions on my Forum, if you want. And he would call me mama and we would talk baby talk, or he would talk baby talk and I would be mama. This is not your fault, Love. I think he drugged me.. Lol. and what if a persons nessus conjuct vesta on someones NN? However, Nessus will usually win. They have a strong will, behave in an assertive and direct way, and they might even be belligerent. I would have to do a one question chart for you, my Friend. Posts: 53083From: Saturn next to CharmaineRegistered: Apr 2009, Im guessing you both have a strong hold on each other, most likely unconsciously at times. She has Cancer Moon square Pluto in Libra meaning that she lacks empathy and consideration for others in her emotions and she is explosive, critical, angry, and abrasive. Jupiter con the NN- the person will bring optimism to you. Mars Conjunct North Node Synastry (Opposition South Node) If you have the Mars conjunct North North synastry aspect, you also have the Mars opposition South Node aspect. My mercury aspects a guy's north node, I feel like commenting and talking to him from time to time even if he's miles away and not really my friend. )My pluto squares my nodes natally and honestly I am drawn towards people who aspect my pluto and then square my nodes more than any others. My partner has this Pair, and my sun conj his anti-vertex, Sun/Moon midpoint. But you're reluctant to associate with people who touch your NN cause it's unfamilar territory and it takes us out of comfort zone.. How interesting.I think you can feel, as the planet person, that you can help them out on their journey. If he ha sthe goal of being an artist. Your relationship will have a sense of beauty such as the feeling of a musical. This synastry aspect indicates that in the past life, there . I would say it is a true soul mate aspect! quote: Originally posted by yungang_grotto: Also I think maybe Lilith's attraction to the North Node person when they're expressing their NN in a healthy way would be extremely powerful, but there would also be an element of repulsion, perhaps equally powerful. I know someones Pluto and Lilith is conjunct my north node. North Node conjunction Lilith Thank you!!! What is Priapus? I am putting that out there and you can see if I am right. Join and then put your chart up in the Personal readings forum. Or would it still be bad? Depends on aspects to other planets. I am married and so is he . What do make of It? You can try to do the best you can but you will FEEL the desire to be sadistic to him, Hi Ami, what do you think of Nessus opposite Karma (my karma) exact? Hes also the first man I feel a truly solid, committed, and loving union with. Were they born close in time and date Clara? However, if it is, it will show up. What are your thoughts regarding north nodes in synastry? I cant say in stone who is the most obsessed. I seem to have this aspect in synastry with a lot of close friends. The most recent one that I have met I have actually felt is PUSHING ME TOWARD my NN from his Mars conjuncting my SN. So, you can see why his Saturn/Nessus conjunct my NN is so confusing! I have literally never heard discourse on natal to composite aspects. What are your thoughts regarding north nodes in synastry? from what you wrote it seems that north node connection don't develop as easily as the others aside from your best friend whom you have moon conjunct north node with. Thank you. However Yes it's been hard for me to let go o f the people who I aspected their north node. If they have been off track in their life or in the direction that their soul wants to go, an encounter, this connection, this relationship will highlight that for them. There's something "off" about the relationship at some point and I want to break free (or they do, or both). It's almost creepy.. lol. we both like each other. What if your Sedna is conjunct someones south node in synastry. Did you have a past life with him? my saturn(7th house ruler) conjuncts his north node and his venus 0 degress! Yes, sorry this is synastry. Their NN in also in my 12th with mine in their 8th. We met years ago and we are thinking of getting back together. i have these synastry aspect with my guy friend. My Sun conjunct her NN - felt like swatting her over the head wiith a fly swatter. That is one persons opinion, too. The Eris person could harass the NN person when the NN person tries to find his life purpose. My Lilith (AQU and Venus (TAU) are both on 12 deg .. additionally Sedna and Eros are on 11 degrees (TAU). Rather than submitting to him, she left the Garden and lived in exile. here on this post. Since our divorce, the psychopath has made themselves my worst enemy, torturing me by abusing our small child, with the blessings of a family court system that is enabling the abuse. I'm not entirely sure that someone who has planets on your SN is always draining or a negative influence in which you are stuck. I love getting these comments too, so please write again when you would like! If a person has a planet or asteroid on your NN, they will bring the flavor of that planet or asteroid TO the relationship. trine sun, and a few others. Sado brings sadism and Neptune seems to bring sorrow. My Chiron is also conjuncts her Moon and Mercury squares her Saturn. Im seeing someone whose Vertex, Juno, and Saturn conjunct my N Node in 1st at my ascendant in Scorpio. In Sumerian and Jewish mythology, she is associated with female demons. These asteroids are rather small so one cant make a case for them in terms of a whole marriage. You are very welcome . This is kind of a brain teaser. However, Vesta is very much the same, so it would be an amazing encounter, if we consider these things as a separate entity. Also there is a feeling of comfort, security within the relationship. I wonder if it could be a manifestation of the betrayal he experienced in his previous relationships. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Synastry Aspects - Astrology Meanings and Interpretations. I see alot about conjunctions but nothing about oppositions. we fell in love with each other right away, but there was some karma , a huge drama to overcome, and we dont see each other anymore. not the NN person. More promising. Hi Ami, Ive seen it play out nasty as well. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Your email address will not be published. If not, it would be a super compatibility aspect imo. I am always the mercury, what does this mean? Hence, these two aren't planetary bodies. Tell me which person was which. Some astrologers say everything can be overcome. are they bad too? Id be curious to know. NN opposite Ascendant. You may have the goal of making money and living in a big house. Ive certainly been with men MUCH more critical/abusive than that. My observation Nessus is NO MATCH for Pluto . his chiron conjunct my moon But to be honest now it's different. Awesome person! Weve been together for almost 3 years, and hes the first man Ive lived with. Thank you amiann! This post has been getting so much traction. (im the NN btw). I just found that I have Sado conjunct my Sun (exact) .. all this in Taurus 3H opposite Pluto but trine Neptune/Uranus, Moon and AC. my jupiter/uranus sextile to his sun his vesta conjunct my sun/moon midpoint Hi, IF you were born far apart in time, you would have a similar purpose and understand the purpose of each others lives well, S. Hello, Im french so please, excuse me if my english is not good enough. Thank you so much, No Twist. Idk if i should apologize or stand my ground or ignore the situation. Most important to me is that you find Jesus. Idk what to do or what this even means. This placement stirs up a lot of feelings for both people. Is that NN conjunct Dsc or South node conjunct ascendant? My boyfriends Moon is conjunct my NN. It has another name I think. Each can trigger the potential for drama, excitement, sexuality or focus. than you so much, I think he will betray you-yes. Moon-North Node: creates an emotional tie between two people. Knowing that nataly the NN person also have Eris conjunct NN ? I think you can go to both extremes, like focusing way too much on your SN or NN. I am sorry, Kelly list go on! i watched a video about it that moon/venus conjunct rahu usually the moon/venus person that would be so obsessed. Eros conj the NNthe relationship will be very erotic. I feel that I am the one with the power in this relationship . Many times, these bad asteroids make for passion, so if you cant run, at least, dont get married. This is a theory which someone I know is studying. I don't know what happened but I'm not that attracted to Cancer energy anymore. It's in Pisces. thats bad right? 3 degree orb in Leo, I have my Gemini moon conjunct Gemini mars with a man and it wasnt all that bad but definitely got to be oppressive with his constant texting and telling me what I need to do with my life. North Node conjunction Lilith (5.32) I just met a girl with this aspect, we live on opposite sides of the USA lol. But anyway if in a chart (not synastry) Lilith is conjunct Moon, it means the Moon is at its apogee and farthest away from earth, it looks much smaller than usually. I really love her sometimes when I deal with her in my life. he was the one who was obsessed with me. 4) if trine or sextile is exact, will it be felt as strong as conjunct? Do you actually know of abusive relationships that had the Dejanira-NN connections? My NN and their planet: I don't have much experience with this one but usually there's a natural affinity and we are at ease with each other. turn yourself into a fairy app, can i drink tea while taking eliquis,